Looking Back – History of Car Radio

While many of us are wondering about the law on the ‘ban of texting while driving’, do you know that using a car radio was once banned in many parts of the world? Let us look into the history of car radio. The first car radio was introduced by Chevrolet in the year 1922. The radio had an antenna that occupied the car’s entire roof and the batteries were too big to fit beneath the front seat autoradio GPS with global shipment. Not only that, the speakers were so big that it looked so awkward. By 1930s, Motorola introduced built-in radio and the later 1930s saw pre-sets and push-buttons to help the drivers to select stations easily. In the 1930s, many laws were introduced banning the use of radios in cars to prevent accidents that were caused due to the distraction of using radios. By the end of 1940, the car radios became more compact and the price also became nominal leading to 60 percent of the cars being fitted with radios. By that time, the laws on ban of radios went nowhere.

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